The power of the OTC logo

Innocent Obande has already bought gifts for his family. Now the Nigerian businessman – he’s managing director of IDB Development Energy Resources Limited – is shopping for his co-workers and himself. But instead of video games or Kindles, he is buying OTC-branded merchandise. Thirteen shirts to be precise.

It’s polite to bring a gift back to your colleagues, he said. And nothing says success and power more than something with the OTC logo.

“It shows you went to OTC and that you’re a member of a prestigious organization,” he said. “OTC is held in high regard in my country.”

Two of the new shirts are for Obande – a long-sleeve plaid and a short-sleeve cream oxford cloth – and he already knows how they’ll fit into his wardrobe. The long-sleeve shirt will be good for when he attends polo matches while the short-sleeve version will be good for when he plays golf at his club.

And they’ll be great office attire. Especially when he is entertaining visitors.

Dele Omenogor may need another suitcase to get all of his new OTC branded shirts and caps home to Nigeria. At last count he bought 60 shirts and 10 ball caps.

Most of the items will go to employees back home as a reward for stellar performance, said Omenogor, who is general manager of Arkleen Oil and Gas Ltd. in Lagos, Nigeria. Omenogor is also buying for himself; on the plane to Houston, Omenogor wore an OTC-branded shirt from last year.

If visitors want something, they better move fast. All the merchandise was sold out last year by the end of the show, according to one of the sellers.