The flip-flop brigade at OTC

The Offshore Technology Conference is huge. And the parking lot and train station is a long way away from the trade show floor. So smart women are coming into Reliant Park in flip-flops, sneakers and other comfy footwear. Then they pop into one of the bathrooms and trade out their comfort footwear for business pumps and heels. And some of us – me included – have our stockings in our purses. No one is the wiser – as long as you don’t run into anyone you know on the way in to the mega trade show.

Christina Hernandez is part of the flip-flop brigade. She’s in international sales with Triple-S Steel Supply and is wearing a smart black dress with matching jacket for her booth responsibilities today. But to keep her feet from killing her on the way in, she wore a pair of black flip flops. She has a pair of shoes – with five inch heels – tucked away in her tote bag. And she plans to wait until the last possible moment to go from pure comfort to all-business.

Hernandez noted that she’s seen many women in wedges this year. They’re stylish, she said, yet they’re more comfortable because of a wider base.

HMMM. So I wonder: Are wedges an appropriate expense account item?