Networking tip: Setting yourself apart

Like lots of energy companies, FMC Technologies wants to stand out. So in years past it issued matching polo shirts with the company logo for its employees to wear at the Offshore Technology Conference.

But it turns out that wearing a polo shirt with a company logo isn’t exactly standing out when every other company has their own company-issued polo shirts.

This year the giant oil and gas equipment and service provider has come up with a new way of distinguishing itself from the khaki-wearing business casual crowd.

FMC is asking its employees to wear dark suits with white shirts, said David Williams, manager of talent acquisition. And for the men, put on a tie.

“We want people to recognize us for who we are,” said Williams. “We are leaders in the industry.”

So take a clue from FMC and dress up. You’ll stand out — in a good way —from all the more casually dressed attendees.

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