Companies tout recycled water for fracturing (video)

A recent CNBC segment featured young companies who say their innovative technology makes hydraulic fracturing a more environmentally friendly process, by reducing water use and cutting chemicals.

Former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe dropped by to tout Ecosphere Technologies, a Florida company that he invested in for its water recycling process. He said the technology allows oil field services companies to clean and reuse hydraulic fracturing water on site, in a chemical-free process that has recycled 2.8 billion gallons of water since 2008.

“We eliminate these chemicals almost entirely,” Bledsoe said. “We also reduce trucking because they can reuse the water right on site.

Still, he said, not everyone has bought in.

“It is tough to convince some of these large companies to change and move in our direction,” Bledsoe told CNBC.

The program also featured Bryan, Texas-based company Alpha Reclaim Technology, which treats municipal waste water for use in hydraulic fracturing operations in the Eagle Ford Shale and elsewhere, pitched as a way to ease the Texas drought. The company is trying to scale up, but says its process can save companies money over treating brackish salt water.

“I hope we serve as a model that private companies and public entities can come together … and help to achieve certain public goals,”  Alpha Reclaim Technology Vice President Jeremy Osborne told CNBC.

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