Murdoch reveals Keystone XL opposition via Twitter

Billionaire media titan Rupert Murdoch took aim at the transnational Keystone XL  pipeline, revealing his opposition to the controversial oil route, in a multi-Tweet rebuke of U.S. energy and economic policy that began  on Friday.

The magnate, whose media empire News Corp. owns FOX News Channel and The Wall Street Journal, took an environmentalist view of the proposed pipeline, criticizing the “heavy, dirty oil” that it would carry from Canada’s oil sands to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries. The southern leg of the pipeline is under construction. The northern route, which needs federal approval to cross the Canadian-U.S. border, has been embroiled in a political war over its economic and environmental impact.

Murdoch has been a vocal proponent of  developing U.S. oil and gas resources and a critic of renewable energy. In August, he called shale gas the “greatest news of the decade.”

“Gas means half carbon emissions and no need for ridiculous windmills,” he tweeted.

While opposing Keystone XL, Murdoch has trumpeted the potential economic benefits of building up the nation’s infrastructure. Just last month, he tweeted, “Why not switch from useless renewable energy investments to real job creating infrastructure projects. Many great possibilities waiting.”

They are the latest in a string of  Twitter pronouncements on energy issues from the 81-year-old mogul.  In July, he wrote “Climate change very slow but real. So far all cures worse than disease. Shale gas huge breakthrough for US. Half carbon of coal and oil.”


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