Altivia Corp. ended 2012 with a $125 million deal

The founder of Houston-based water treatment company Altivia Corp. said Wednesday it had been sold to Brenntag AG for $125 million.

Altivia’s chemical production affiliate, Altivia Chemicals LLC, wasn’t included in the deal and will continue to operate its production facilities in Pasadena.

The deal with Brenntag, which is based in Germany and distributes chemicals worldwide, closed at the end of the year, said CEO and founder J. Michael Jusbasche.

Jusbasche said he will stay on for 90 days and then continue in the chemical business through Altivia Chemicals. Several other managers will remain with Altivia Chemicals, while other members of the management team will move to Brenntag.

About 20 of the company’s 110 employees work for the chemical company, he said, while the other 90 will be absorbed by Brenntag.

William Fidler, a member of Brenntag’s management board, said in a statement that the acquisition will strengthen the company’s position in the Southwestern United States, as well as its water additives business.

Altivia Corp. was founded in 1986 and has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Houston, San Antonio and Manor, as well as Marlow, Okla. and St. Gabriel, La. It serves municipal and industrial customers.

Jusbasche said he expects Altivia Chemical to retain its focus on water treatment but will also consider new acquisitions in the chemical industry.

He said he hopes to expand into oil and gas shale plays, where hydraulic fracturing technology requires the use of large quantities of water.