An emotional day for victims’ survivors

Relatives of the 11 men killed in the Deepwater Horizon explosion expressed a variety of emotions to news that BP will plead guilty to manslaughter charges and pay a $4 billion penalty.

Three BP employees also were charged with felonies.

While the wife of one rig worker said the charges brought much-needed answers about who was responsible for her husband’s death, relatives of others said BP’s settlement was no consolation for the loss of their loved ones.

Some reactions:

“We heard a lot of things about environmental issues, which is important. But what was of immediate importance to us was my husband and their dad. We felt that was kind of forgotten about. This finally gives us some attention.” – Sheila Clark, widow of Donald Clark

“I want everybody and anyone who is responsible for Gordon’s death and the other 10 men to be held criminally responsible. I wish I could write a check and bring Gordon back.” – Christopher K. Jones, brother of Gordon Jones

“I want justice to be done. I live with it every day.” – Peggy Wyatt, mother of Roy Wyatt Kemp

“The important thing for me is that BP admitted fault and took responsibility for those 11 lives. … I think the government worked hard to hold BP’s feet to the fire. The government forced BP to do the right thing.” – Keith Jones, father of Gordon Jones

“She still hurts. She still suffers. She’s still crying about it.” – Ernest Cannon, attorney for Jason Anderson’s widow Shelley Anderson