Energy industry gives Josh Fox recommendations for Gasland 2

An industry-backed group sent filmmaker Josh Fox a list of seven suggested segments, including two based in Texas, for his upcoming sequel to his Oscar-nominated film Gasland.

Energy in Depth, a group backed by the Independent Petroleum Association of America, sent seven recommended segments for Gasland 2 to Fox via letter. The sequel is set to debut sometime later this year on HBO.

“While there are certainly other important stories that should be described in Gasland 2, we feel that including these in particular will help fill the credibility gap that was created after the release of the original,” wrote Lee O. Fuller, executive director.

Gasland caught the ire of the energy industry, which says the film is not an accurate portrays of natural gas drilling and largely misrepresented the dangers associated with drilling for the fossil fuel.

EID’s suggestions mainly consist of updating or clarifying information in Gasland and a shorter documentary, dubbed “The Sky is Pink,” which was released earlier this summer about natural gas drilling in New York.

Two of the suggestions involve cases in Texas – water contamination in Parker County and beast cancer rates in the Barnett Shale.

In the Parker County case, the Environmental Protection Agency initially issued an order against Range Resources, claiming the company was responsible for contaminating a nearby water well.

The EPA later withdrew its order and agreed to conduct well monitoring with the Fort Worth-based company.

“Give the above evidence, your audience should know the full story so it can make its own judgment,” Fuller wrote.

The rate of breast cancer in the Barnett Shale has become an issue over the past few months after Fox mentioned the statistic in his film “The Sky is Pink.”

In the documentary, Fox says Texas saw a decrease in the occurrence of breast cancer in all but one place – in the Barnett Shale. The statistic is correct, but Texas officials said the rise couldn’t be conclusively linked to natural gas drilling.

Judging by his past remarks, it seems doubtful Fox will take these suggestions. But the industry is hoping he will.

Energy in Depth letter to Josh Fox