ERCOT uses spinning cats to encourage people to save power

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is hoping spinning cats and leggy women might get Texans to cut back on their electricity use during the peak power hours in the future.

It might sound like a hoax or a bad joke, but ERCOT unveiled two commercials that feature spinning cats and women dancing with ceiling fans on their heads.

Texas has strugged at times over the past few years over soaring demand and sluggish power supply that has cut reserve margins to a razor’s edge. ERCOT, which manages the bulk of the state’s grid, is hoping to encourage residents to cut back on their electricity use.

As The Dallas Morning News said, its latest effort is more-or-less begging, but electricity conservation isn’t an easy thing to convince consumers on because of the relatively low percentage of total household income typically spent on it.

So if you are easily swayed by dancing women or spinning cats, here are the ads.