Woman pulls gun to keep smart meter out

A Harris County woman used a gun to persuade a CenterPoint Energy worker not to install an electric smart meter on her home, according to KHOU-TV story.

Thelma Taormina, who has a concealed handgun license, said she grabbed her gun when a CenterPoint Energy worker arrived to install a smart meter at her Harris County home, KHOU reported.

“He just kept pushing me away,” the 55-year-old woman said. “He saw it (the gun), and went back the other way.”

A CenterPoint official told the television station that they were “deeply troubled by anyone who would pull a gun on another person performing their job.”

CenterPoint has been installing thousands of smart meters during the past several years in the Houston area. The company said the meters, which count kilowatts, could cut down costs and aid consumers in reducing consumption.

However, the smart meters have faced heavy criticism from owners who claim the new meters bring higher bills.

Under the current structure, homeowners can’t opt out of the meters, but the Public Utility Commission is considering allowing homeowners that option.

To read more about the incident, you can read the KHOU story here.