North Texas has another minor earthquake

Texas has had another minor earthquake.

The U.S. Geological Survey says a 2.6 magnitude quake happened around 4 a.m. Tuesday in North Texas.

Experts say the quake was centered about 1 mile south of Alvarado. The area is about 10 miles east-north of Cleburne and 25 miles south of Fort Worth.

No damage or injuries were immediately reported.

Minor earthquakes were recorded Saturday and Sunday in the same general area of North Texas. USGS says another quake happened early Sunday in South Texas near Tilden, about 100 miles northwest of Corpus Christi.

Experts say a 2.2 magnitude earthquake occurred Monday morning in Central Texas, about 13 miles southwest of Corsicana.

North Texas has a had a string of small earthquakes dating back to late 2008 that were connected to a nearby saltwater injection well in the area, a 2010 study by Southern University Methodist and University of Texas found.

The study said the minor earthquakes did not appear to be connected to drilling, hydraulic fracturing or gas production in the Barnett Shale, but there did seem to be a connection to the saltwater injection well, which stopped operating in September 2008.

Cities in Ohio and Oklahoma has also experienced similar minor earthquakes that officials have said could be the result of nearby injection wells.