Shareholders looking for strategy change for BP

BP shareholders are eager to see radical changes that would put the Macondo well spill and a bitter dispute with Russian partners behind the company, according to a Reuters story.

Analysts say the company could decide to break apart its integrated model in a move similar to what ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil have done over the past two years.

“The integrated model isn’t delivering best value to shareholders,” Stephen Thornber of Threadneddle Investment, a top 20 investor in BP, told the wire service. “You look at Shell and Total and ENI – no one has demonstrated that the integrated model works particularly well.”

The oil giant could also opt to take over a smaller company that could provide it with projects and opportunities to grow its business.

According to Reuters, BG Plc., a gas-focused exploration and production company, might be a perfect target for the British oil giant to take over.

BG has plenty of projects and opportunities to explore, but the company has struggled financially over the past few years. BG has been shredding assets to keep its best developments funded, according to Reuters.

While the economic factors might be important, Reuters also wrote about the importance getting the Gulf of Mexico spill and an ugly dispute with Russian partners behind them.

If the company can, analysts say the stock price could see a bit of a rebound.