Movie criticizes claims made in Josh Fox’s “Gasland”

Oscar-nominated Gasland isn’t short of enemies in the energy sector.

The film, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2010, has faced harsh criticism from many in the energy industry who claimed the documentary misled the public about hydraulic fracturing and natural gas drilling.

Now, Truthland plans to set the record straight.

The movie talks to experts and residents across the country, including University of Texas professor Michael Webber and Fort Worth pastor Elvis Bowman, about natural gas drilling and fracking. Gasland is a reoccurring theme throughout the 34-minute movie.

The movie is being released in select markets in the northeast, and most of the screenings are in smaller venues, such as high schools. There aren’t any screenings in Texas. (Update: Energy In Depth officials said they are working to get some screenings in the Texas area soon. No dates have been finalized.)

The Independent Petroleum Association of America, an independent group that represents oil and natural gas producers, provided financial backing for the movie. Shelly, the main character in the documentary, was not paid by the group, according to the film.

Energy in Depth, a project of IPAA and also involved in the film, has a laundry list of gripes against Gasland that you can read here.