Dow’s solar roof shingles come to Texas

Solar roof shingles, the first of their kind, are now available in Texas, courtesy of the Dow Chemical Company, according to a company announcement.

Dow announced Tuesday it had launched its solar shingles in California and Central Texas, allowing customers to buy and install the power-generating roof shingles through authorized dealers.

Three Texas roofing companies are authorized to install the shingles, which are made to fit seamlessly into residential roofs:  BELDON Roofing Company, Quality Roofing and Ja-Mar Roofing. The companies serve the San Antonio and Austin areas, which are the first markets in Texas to receive the shingles.

Dow’s Powerhouse Solar Shingles are “the first roofing product that helps off-set energy costs” through power generation, according to a company announcement.

Dow spokeswoman Kate Nigro said the shingles cost about two or three times more than standard roof shingles, depending on local solar subsidies and the amount of shingles with solar cells installed. Nigro said it was difficult to quantify the power generating capacity of the solar shingles, but said homeowners who want to offset 100 percent of their electricity use would be able to do so with the system. The cells of the shingles are a thin film material that have about a 12 percent efficiency rate, she said.

The shingles were previously only available in Colorado, but they can now be purchased in parts of California and Texas, Nigro said.

Watch a video of the solar shingles below and read more about them on Dow’s solar website.

See the company’s announcement about the shingles here.