Gas station glitch causes gasoline to be sold at $1

Remember $1 gasoline?

Some Pasadena drivers saw it for several hours overnight after a computer glitch caused gasoline to be sold for $1.01 per gallon, or roughly $2.70 less than the average Houston gas station.

The news of the glitch spread over Facebook and Twitter, causing dozens of people to line up at the station to get the cheap gasoline. The Conoco gas station eventually switched off the pumps at 1:30 a.m.

“I got it for $10,” driver Benito Cruz told ABC 13 Local News. “Ten dollars to fill up my whole tank.”

Manager Moiz Fnu said there was a malfunction with two of the four pumps that caused gasoline to be sold at $1. He said the low price was sold from 11:30 p.m. to around 1 a.m. before the pumps were shut down.

The station’s pumps were closed this morning for maintenance.

Gasoline prices have been steadily rising since the New Year. Houston drivers are paying on average $3.88-per-gallon of gasoline. Texas drivers are paying $3.83, and the national average has stayed steady at $3.92 lately.

So how long has it been since gasoline has been at $1?

Well, it hasn’t happened in Justin Bieber’s lifetime.

Gasoline last sold for under $1 in January 1994, according to data from the Energy Information Administration.

So you can forgive people’s excitement overnight about the computer glitch.