Protesters disrupt CERAWeek energy conference

Protestors disrupted a breakfast break at the CERAWeek energy conference Tuesday morning, chanting for oil and gas corporations to “pay your taxes!”

The group of about 30 protestors laid beneath a red carpet on the floor at the Hilton Americas while holding a sign that identified them as the 99%. The activists said the protest symbolized their view that oil corporations walk over average Americans in the pursuit of profits.

The activists gathered outside of a ballroom where the president of Total Exploration & Production and the director general of Petroleos Mexicanos were preparing to speak at the conference’s opening plenary about trends in global oil production.

Calling the conference  “a confab for the world’s wealthiest oil tycoons and energy companies,” the group said in a written statement that the corporations “avoid paying their fair share of taxes, kill good jobs and pay CEOS huge salaries.”

Security rolled up the carpet and ushered the dissidents out of the conference area after about five minutes.