Anyone want a Keystone?

(Photo, quinn.anya, Flickr)

Keystone seems to be on everyone’s minds this week, but for some, the name conjures up a few different thoughts.

Energy folks could discuss for days about the impacts of the 1,700-mile pipeline from Canada to Texas. But beer snobs would probably immediately jump to a cheap, watery beer made by Coors Brewing Company in Colorado with the same name.

Coors spokesman Colin Wheeler spoke about the potential impact of the pipeline on the beer’s brand.

“They share the same name, but that’s where the connection ends,” Wheeler said in an e-mail to National Journal. “As for potential impact on the brand, it’s highly unlikely.”

TransCanada named the new project pipeline Keystone XL after the first pipeline to cross the Canada-U.S. boarder, which is dubbed just Keystone. Sadly, it isn’t to pay homage to their favorite beer. In fact, TransCanada told the National Journal that there isn’t a special story behind the name.

However, it looks like a Keystone Light pipeline could be on the way.

TransCanada said it was exploring the idea of shortening the route of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to connect the Bakken shale play in North Dakota to refineries in the Gulf.

Maybe Keith Stone can be its spokesman.