Jerome Bettis stars in new EPA ad

The Bus is on the EPA bandwagon.

Jerome Bettis, the iconic Pittsburgh Steelers running back affectionately known as “The Bus,” is starring in a new Environmental Protection Agency ad touting the need for new regulations to limit pollution from power plants, POLITICO reported.

Bettis, who suffers from asthma, has campaign for two new regulations – the MACT and Cross-State Air Pollution – that aim at cutting air pollution produced from power plants and ease health issues associated with the smog.

The EPA released its first-ever standards for mercury and other toxic emissions from power plants, capping a long debate with Republicans and utility companies over the new regulations.

The agency is still working with business, states and Republicans over regulations that would regulate cross-state air pollution. Texas and Gov. Rick Perry have vocally opposed both measures.

Bettis, who meet with EPA Chief Lisa Jackson last month, said the regulations are important to reduce air pollution and ease health concerns, including asthma, associated with the pollution.