EPA says BP ignored alarms before Alaska spill

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An Environmental Protection Agency investigator says BP ignored alarms that warned of the likelihood of a 13,500-gallon oil spill in 2009 on Alaska’s North Slope.

Matt Goer of the agency’s criminal division in Anchorage testified Tuesday. Federal prosecutors are asking a judge to revoke the probation of BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. from a 2007 misdemeanor conviction for a 200,000-gallon spill.

Prosecutors say BP is a recidivist offender of environmental laws and the company remained negligent in monitoring pipelines.

BP contends the 2009 spill was an accident that could not have been anticipated and not a criminal act.

The Anchorage Daily News reports BP attorneys will argue that the company’s probation from the 2007 conviction should end.

The hearing continues Wednesday and could take at least four days.