Prosecutors seek to revoke BP probation

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Federal prosecutors are seeking to revoke probation for oil giant BP, operator of the largest oil field on Alaska’s North Slope.

BP was placed on probation for a large oil spill in the Prudhoe Bay field in 2006.

The Anchorage Daily News  reported today that federal prosecutors are seeking to revoke BP’s probation on a criminal misdemeanor conviction from 2007 that arose from that spill.

BP was back in court after a November 2009 spill near the Lisburne production center.

Prosecutors say the 2009 pipeline rupture and spill amounts to a new crime that violates the terms of the company’s 2007 probation. Prosecutors say the 2009 spill was “completely predictable and absolutely preventable.”

A probation hearing is set for Nov. 29.