Coast Guard: Sunken rig is not the source of the Gulf sheen

The U.S. Coast Guard does not believe the sunken drilling rig Deepwater Horizon is the source of oil sheens spotted near the site several times this past summer.

In late September the Coast Guard issued a statement saying it had notified rig owner Transocean that it believed the rig wreckage might be the source of sheens that had been spotted repeatedly.

The Macondo well head had been ruled out as the source of the sheen by the Coast Guard after BP sent an ROV to the site to inspect it in August.

Transocean sent its own ROV to inspect the rig and the riser that had connected the rig to the well head from Oct. 4 to 5.

According to an e-mailed statement, the Coast Guard viewed the feed from the ROV and “agreed that nothing shown in the feed provided any indication that there was release of oil from the riser, the fuel tanks or any other debris at the wreckage site.”

“No discharge or leaking from the riser or the wreckage was observed,” the Coast Guard statement said. “The cause of the sheens remains under investigation.”

The footage is expected to be posted on the RestoreTheGulf web site later this month.