New advertisement slams Saudis, foreign oil posted a story about a new advertisements campaign that urges the use of “ethical oil” and slams oil from Saudi Arabia. So what is ethical oil?

In short, Canadian journalist Ezra Levant has called Canadian tar sands “ethical oil” because Saudi Arabia’s laws are much more restrictive toward women and treat them as second class citizens. Levant helped set up last year to promote the use of Canadian oil.

According to the Globe and Mail the Saudis have hired the law firm of Norton Rose LLP to complain about the ad, sending “cease and desist” letters to a Canadian national advertising watchdog, as well as to media companies, warning about potential legal action.

The issue is an interesting one for environmentalists: by blocking the oil sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline are they simply promoting more oil purchases from nations with human rights laws they may find equally abhorrent?

What do you think of this advertisement?