Halliburton CFO: New frac fluid “tastes like beer”

Halliburton CFO Mark McCollum did something many environmentalists would cringe at – he took a swing of fracking fluid a few weeks ago.

And he said the new fracturing formulation, called CleanStim, “tastes like beer,” according to a Platts report.

McCollum took a sip of the mix while CEO Dave Lesar spoke at a conference hosted by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association in late August. After talking about public concerns over the technique, Lesar raised a container of CleanStim and then called McCollum up for the first taste.

According to an Associated Press article at the time, the then unnamed executive mocked reluctance before taking the sip.

CleanStim uses ingredients found in everyday foods to break apart shale formulations to recover trapped natural gas and oil. Halliburton is hoping the new fluid will ease the public concerns over fracking.

However, the Platts article notes that Barclays analyst James West wasn’t so keen on the taste of the fluid.

“I can tell you it doesn’t taste like beer,” he said.