WSJ: Gas drilling boom brings jobs, but how many?

The Wall Street Journal tried to nail down the number of jobs the natural gas drilling boom brings to an area, specifically Pennsylvania.  

But tallying up the jobs isn’t as easy as it sounds:

“All sides agree that natural-gas development in the state has produced new jobs for laborers at well sites, truck drivers to haul equipment and waste water, and even engineers and accountants. But there is less agreement about how to count and just who to count when it comes to Marcellus-related job creation, so estimates vary widely.

Matt Pitzarella, a spokesman for gas producer Range Resources Corp., said a precise statewide count is tough because many of the new jobs are scattered across construction, trucking and other companies that serve the gas industry.”

While the article looks at Pennsylvania, the same can be said about Texas. How many jobs are being created by the natural gas boom?

Here’s The Wall Street Journal’s story.