Feds require label for E15 gasoline

Gas pumps dispensing fuel that contains 15 percent ethanol must sport orange labels alerting drivers to its contents and potential for damaging older vehicles, the federal Environmental Protection Agency has announced..

The label warns against using the fuel in vehicles older than 2001 models and in motorcycles and boats. The new rule comes several months after the regulatory agency approved sale of e15 at pumps, against the protests of oil refiners.

Currently, most gasoline is 10 percent ethanol.

The labels are meant to prevent drivers from using a gasoline blend that could cause problems for certain vehicle engines.

Calling the move “woefully inadequate,” Charles Drevna, president of the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association said the rule won’t prevent driver confusion.

“The rule is a terrible miscalculation and terrible news for millions of Americans who will inevitably face costly repair bills after misfueling their cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles and outdoor power equipment with gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol,” he said in a written statement.