OTC 2011: FuelFix flies high above Reliant

When FuelFix promised you an eagle-eyed view of this year’s Offshore Technology Conference, we weren’t kidding.

Sure, some folks go for guerrilla marketing by sticking fliers all over car windshields in the parking lot, but we didn’t think that was a very classy approach.

Instead, FuelFix went retro with aerial advertising (as any hipster will tell you, old timey technology is where it’s at, Jack).

Did you see our plane flying above Reliant Park this morning? Let us know what time you spotted it in the comments and there might be a little something something in it for you (details to come).

We love the Chronicle's photogs! Ace shooter Nick de la Torre pulled out all the stops to get this shot of FuelFix's banner in the skies above the Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Park.

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