OTC 2011: More family-friendly than flashy this year

In years past (as in looong ago) the floor of the Offshore Technology Conference would be pretty busy with lots of flashy, umm, distractions, meant to draw attendees into certain booths.

But on Day One the flash has been subdued, at least from what I saw while walking the main floor before happy hour.

Lloyd’s Register America had some of the Dynamo Girls from the Houston Dynamo professional soccer team playing fooseball with attendees, drawing a decent-sized crowd.

At the Balmoral Offshore Engineering booth they were showing a little skin, but it was just an engineer wearing a kilt.

Sometimes there are magic acts, funny games or really really good door prizes. But the best thing I’ve spotted so far was at the booth for industrial tool maker Hytorc. They will time you to see how long it takes to tighten a set of nuts onto a pipe flanges using a seriously powerful compressed-air socket wrench.

I’m sure I’ve missed something, so if you’ve seen anything else on the show floor you think we need to check out, tell us in the comments.



Maybe OTC is more modest on the inside, but not so much outside: Last year it wasn’t until Day 3 of OTC that the fliers advertising Houston’s notorious “gentlemen’s clubs” showed up, but this year they’re out there on Day One.

The Penthouse Club fliers were tucked into just about every car window as I walked out to my car (and prepared for the ridiculously long exit from Reliant — don’t these guys get enough practice moving large numbers of cars during football season?).

And just like last year, they slapped the OTC logo on the flier, which lets OTC attendees get in for free.

The OTC organizers weren’t too keen on this last year. We’ll see how The Penthouse Club’s effort goes over this year.

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