Houston company eyed in oil slick

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A Houston company is helping the Coast Guard clean up oil that has reached the shores of Louisiana even though the company on Wednesday disavowed responsibility for the spill.

A statement issued by Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners said the company was surprised to learn that the Coast Guard believes the oil spill originated from one of its non-producing wells.

 Anglo-Suisse said it was in the process of plugging and abandoning the well when it reported a discharge of less than five gallons to the Coast Guard on Friday. The well was shut in Wednesday morning and is no longer capable of flowing, the company said.

An estimated one-quarter to one-half-mile of shoreline has been affected by patches of oil, according to the Coast Guard, which said preliminary test results on oil taken from the shores of Elmer Island suggest a possible match with oil taken from the company’s well.

“We do not believe the spill along the coast is the result of our operations,” Anglo-Suisse CEO John Sherwood said in a statement. “However, when the Coast Guard informed us that this might be the case, the responsible thing to do was mobilize.”

Roughly 8,400 feet of boom, barge boats and skimmers have been deployed to contain and clean up oil.