Shell expands Haynesville Shale presence

Associated Press

MANSFIELD, La. — Shell Exploration and Production Co. is building an office complex near Mansfield that will service its work in the Haynesville Shale natural gas field in northwestern Louisiana.

The 72-office administrative building will house 72 employees, with more jobs planned, and will serve as an operation control center for Shell, said operations manager James Blanton. The company has been using a series of modular buildings.

Shell has a working interest in more than 340,000 acres in the Haynesville Shale area. Using nine drilling rigs, about 70 new wells will be drilled this year, Blanton told The Times of Shreveport.

Other companies developing the shale are either setting up offices or expanding in the area.

Exco Resources Inc. recently tripled its office space because of growing operations.

Chesapeake Energy Corp. is planning an expanded field office. The company recently purchased 50 acres next to its original 52-acre site, said company spokeswoman Katie McCullin. Chesapeake also will continue to operate from an office in southern Bossier Parish and a corporate office in Shreveport.

Shell once held a visible presence in northwestern Louisiana, with an office in Shreveport that operated from 1951 until 1960.

Photo: A drilling rig site south of Shreveport. (James Nielsen/Houston Chronicle file photo)