Enviro, renewables groups want Dems to ‘make demands’ for clean energy grants

Green energy advocates are pushing Democrats to draw a political line in the sand that ensures any deal extending Bush-era tax cuts also extends a federal grant program for renewable power projects that’s slated to expire at year’s end.

Environmental groups and renewable energy companies were dismayed Tuesday that the emerging tax agreement the White House negotiated with Republicans apparently leaves extension of the Treasury Department grant program on the cutting-room floor.

“We have been helping coordinate the broad renewable energy coalition, environmental community and businesses to generate calls, e-mails and any contact possible from the field and D.C. into offices of renewable energy champions to try and raise the clamor around the Treasury Grant Program and get the Democrats who are in a position to make demands right now include the TGP on their list, and as high as possible,” said Sean Garren, of the group Environment America, in an e-mail. He adds that the group also plans to work with Republicans who back the program.