Chron Energy Newslinks | 06.08.10 | Shallow-water drilling to resume, plenty of gasoline for the summer

• Spill has become an ever-changing enemy, says Coast Guard chief.

Shallow-water drilling to resume soon.

Rig widows want repeal of death-at-sea law.

• The battle to save a pelican rookery in face of spill.

• Gasoline stocks at 11-year high going into summer.

Gas drilling blowout leads to halt in EOG’s Pennsylvania drilling.

• Pemex sues U.S. firms, saying they buy stolen fuel.

• Former Union Carbide execs found guilty of negligence for 1984 Bhopal disaster.

• Flower Mound, Texas, to vote on drilling moratorium today.

Five challenges for next-gen biofuels.

• U.S. climate legislation could be buried for a generation