Chron Energy Newslinks | 05.19.10 | Spill keeps creeping ashore, New Mexico looks at cap-and-trade.

Gulf oil spill reaches marshlands, could hit Florida keys.

• Scientist says NOAA ignores spill findings, punishes dissents.

Government lax on permitting but more drilling inevitable, says Salazar.

• Suit says regulators gutted drilling rules without notice.

BP no stranger to tragedy.

An antheist argument for more offshore drilling.

• BP’s Hayward calls spill response “extraordinarily successful” and he tries to reassure staff company can weather storm.

White House updates is spill response efforts to date and BP’s daily update.

Transocean sanctioned for tactics following older spill.

Spill creates dilemna for non-profits.

Fire nearly halts operations at Lyondell refinery.

Floridians left hanging on solar rebates.

China set to be top Qatar LNG customer.

New Mexico does outlines its own cap-and-trade program.