Another big Haynesville well

Houston-based Goodrich Petroleum is reporting a pretty big well in the Haynesville, but this time it’s on the Texas side of the formation in Panola and Rusk Counties.

The Company has completed a horizontal Haynesville Shale well, its Billy Harris No. 1H, which produced into sales at a 24 hour peak production rate of 12,200 Mcf per day on a 24/64 inch choke with 6,000 psi. The well was drilled and completed with an approximate 5,000 foot lateral and twenty frac stages. The Company is operator and owns a 100% working interest in the well.

Of course it’s not as big as this monster.
Goodrich also completed its fourth horizontal Cotton Valley Taylor sand well, which so far has a 24 hour peak production rate of 4,100 Mcf per day. The Cotton Valley and Haynesville formations overlap in many places, meaning some producers are able to tap into two very promising plays essentially from one location.
The folks at Tudor Pickering Holt note that the 12 mmcf/d rate could be because of the larger number of fracturing stages — 20 versus the 12 or so one is more likely to see in a typical well that uses horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (if there’s really such a thing as ‘typical’).
And as an aside: Goodrich’s name now looms large on the building where it leases space, 801 Louisiana, in downtown Houston.