Entergy electric customers may see 20 percent rate hike


Electric customers from College Station to The Woodlands, Beaumont and the Bolivar Peninsula could see their electric rates go up by 20 percent in the next year:

Entergy Texas filed a rate case with the state today that asks for a 20-percent bump in residential electric rates that would bring a monthly bill to $137 for 1,000 kilowatt hours of use.
The utility’s current monthly rate for 1,000 kilowatt hours is $111.
Most of the increase, which would have to be approved by the Texas Public Utility Commission, is to pay for purchased power, said Entergy Texas spokesman David Caplan.
Most of the extra charge on the monthly bill would pay for what Caplan called what the independent power providers’ “capacity charge,” or the overhead it costs to make the power they sell to Entergy.

Entergy’s service area wraps around the Houston area to the North, East and South (here’s a better map).
So essentially they’re asking to increase what is now an 11.1 cents per kwh rate to 13.7 cents per kwh.
How does that compare to what you can find in the Houston, where more than a dozen electric retailers compete for customers?
A look at the Power To Choose site for a downtown zip code this week finds 6-month fixed rates starting at 10 cents per kwh (Amigo Energy) up to 12.4 cents (Gateway Power). For 12-month rates it runs from 10.8 cents (Potentia Energy, Mega Energy, Southwest Power & Light) to 14.4 cents (TXU’s 100 percent renewable).
Rate cases can be long, drawn-out battles, so the 20 percent increase is by no means a given. Here is where you can find all filings related to the case in The Public Utility Commission’s document system.