Chron Energy Newslinks | 12.31.09 | No climate bill in election year, EnergyStar slaps around LG

• Some Dems say “no way” to climate bill in 2010.

• Surprise climate change lobbyists: soup makers.

French climate tax ruled unconstitutional just days before scheduled start.

• Canada clears way for PetroChina deal in the oil sands.

• Concerns over birds, grizzlies, fish and drinking water will impact Exxon’s Mackenzie gas pipeline project.

• LG can no longer use the “EnergyStar” logo.

Need tax credits? Think ‘energy upgrades.’

• GE’s Maryland solar panel plant won’t close, finds a new buyer.

• ‘Cash for clunkers’ aftermath: used car market dries up.

• Could it be thin trading, and not thin supplies, driving up oil?

• Angolan firm initials two deals for Iraq oil fields.

• 1979 Iranian crisis, strike cut Ireland oil supplies to four days.

• PG&E stops smart meter installations over complaints.