Would Chevron really move its refinery?

Chevron’s Richmond, Calif., refinery is near San Francisco, a city not known for it’s warm embrace of the energy industry. That’s why efforts to raise taxes on the 100-year-old facility may have the oil giant considering moving the operation elsewhere, notes NPR:

“The Richmond refinery has been here well over a hundred years, and we have had good times and bad times,” says Mike Coyle, the refinery’s general manager. “Nobody likes divorce.”
McLaughlin thinks Chevron’s talk of moving is a bluff. But the company says it needs to stay competitive, and to do that it wants some major technical upgrades to the refinery. So far, however, a local judge has temporarily blocked the upgrades, pending more environmental review.

Seems like a bit of a stretch, given that California is still a major gasoline market and sales would be hard to make up elsewhere. Unless of course the cost of importing refined products becomes that much cheaper.