China's not the only Asian nation battling for African oil

There’s been plenty written about China’s quest to secure oil resources from Africa. But at Michael Economides notes at Energy (Geo)-Politics, India is stepping up for a piece of the African barrel:

Indian firms have been making some inroads in Africa. State run oil major ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL), India’s largest oil exploration firm, has invested in assets in Sudan, Ivory Coast, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria and Gabon. OVL has already invested $2.5 billion in the Sudanese oilfields and is vying for a stake in at least one lucrative acreage in Ghana Private Indian firms such as Reliance Industries Limited have invested in Sudan and East Africa.
The state owned Indian Oil Corp (IOC) and private entity Essar Group have invested in Nigeria and Sudan. Egypt has invited two Indian companies, Alkor and state entity Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited (GSPC), to invest in areas of geological surveys, exploration and production of oil and gas. Egypt looks very attractive for natural gas. There have been 24 gas discoveries in that country since July 2008.
Top firms are negotiating in Chad, Malawi, Niger, Angola and Mauritania.
However these engagements are nowhere near China’s. Indo-African trade at $30 billion is half of China’s trade with the continent. Indian foreign investments are one fourth China’s.