No joke: another pipeline leak in Prudhoe Bay

This is getting to be a bit much.
Nevermind the really big spills of 2006. There was a small incident in late November of this year. A few days later there was a larger spill of oil and water. Federal officials have started to look into whether there might be a need for further criminal charges related to the spills.
Now, on Monday, there was another incident, reports the Associated Press:

The spill was discovered Monday by a BP oil field operator doing a routine inspection at a drill site. It was coming from a 6-inch pipeline carrying a mixture of oil, water and natural gas, officials said.
BP spokesman Steve Rinehart said the break occurred where the production line left the well house.
“That break triggered the automatic shut-off valve of the well,” he said.
The force of the release destroyed the back of the well house and blew open its front doors. When the pipe separated, it misted the surrounding area.
DEC said about 12,000 square feet of the well’s gravel pad was sprayed with oil, as well as an undetermined area of tundra.
The cause and amount of the spill were not immediately known.
Rinehart said it appears to be a small spill “because it happened and ended quickly.”

Here’s a link to photos of the site from the Anchorage Daily News’ site: Another broken pipeline at Prudhoe Bay: Prudhoe Bay Spill