Tesla bypasses Houston on way to Detroit

tesla_in_texas Not coming to a parking space near you: the Tesla all-electric car. (Boston77/Flickr)

Tesla, the maker of the all-electric speedster that’s a must-have for some of the nation’s more environmentally-conscience elite, is taking a road trip:

On December 17th, a group of 16 Tesla employees will begin a 2,700+ mile road trip in a Tesla Roadster Sport.
We’re driving Roadster #750 from Los Angeles to Detroit for this year’s North American International Auto Show to prove that the Roadster is tough, durable and range anxiety is for the weak.

Today the team is in Texas, starting in El Paso and then on to San Antonio. Surely they’ll be making it through Houston, cradle of the fossil fuel industry, right?
Here’s the Texas agenda:

• El Paso, December 22nd – 11 a.m. Tesla helps the city of El Paso celebrate electric vehicle charging stations across from City Hall. 2 Civic Center Plaza.

• San Antonio, Dec. 23rd – 7 p.m. Tech Talk with Roadster Program Director Barrie Dickinson and the Alamo City Area Electric Vehicle Club at The Republic House. Local Tesla owners will join for live music afterwards at The Republic House equipped with 5 charging stations. 12333 West Ave.

• Austin, Dec. 26th – 1 p.m. Roadster BBQ at Green Mesquite, 1400 Barton Springs.

• Cresson, Dec. 27: 3 p.m. Roadster Rally – Jason Mendez, manager of powertrain manufacturing engineering and one of the company’s earliest employees, will take a few laps at MotorSport Ranch, 9012 Performance Court, Cresson, Texas.

• Plano, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Dec. 28: Charge While You Charge — Tesla will host test drives and meet customers at Shops at Legacy, 5700 Legacy Drive.

Plano but not Houston? I think we’ve got plenty of wealthy individuals interested in a Tesla (I’ve heard there’s already one somewhere out near Katy but haven’t been able to track it down). We have an electric vehicle dealership, which even Austin can’t boast. Reliant Energy, NRG and the City of Houston are laying the groundwork for a big, fat electric vehicle future by starting to put in the recharging infrastructure.
So, I’d like to see Tesla prove they have this “range anxiety” thing really licked and take a swing through Houston. I would gladly host the team on our fold-out sofa and various air mattresses. We might even still have some Christmas cookies left by the time they get here!
Ok, so it’s unlikely to happen, but I’m still surprised by the Houston roundabout. There are plenty of Houstonians who would gladly come check out the car. And the symbolism of visiting the oil and refining capital of the U.S. seems too good to pass up.