Is there a 'clean coal' project near you? Check out the map.

There’s more than $12 billion in “clean coal” research taking place in 43 states right now (or $0 if you’re like some who believe there’s no such thing as clean coal) but keeping track of it can be difficult. So the folks American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity have created a simple-yet-interesting map of more than 100 projects.
It’s tough to keep up with all the federal stimulus funding for various projects, but it was interesting to note some of the Houston-area items the map points out, including:

• $2.5 million from the DOE to a Woodlands project to create seismic software to help monitor and verify CO2 storage underground.

• $5 million from the DOE to a Houston company for study of the Triassic Newark Basin in New York and New Jersey for its suitability for large scale CO2 storage.

• $200,000 DOE grant to Texas A&M for the story of matierials for removing arsenic, selenium and mercury from ash and scrubber ponds.