Chron Energy Newslinks | 12.22.09| Rapid response in the Barnett, carbon prices dive.

Surge in electric projects in Texas on tap, says ERCOT.

• TCEQ will respond to nat gas smells/emissions in Barnett Shale more quickly.

A record year for top 5 world oil traders.

• EnCana wants to start building network of compressed natural as fueling stations along Canadian highways, something Boone Pickens dreams will happen here some day.

• Total to keep getting cozy with China via natural gas project, Iran and Venezuela deals.

• Human error blamed for 75 deaths at Russian hydro-electric plant.

• Alaska governor will back Shell in legal dispute over drilling.

• Iran-Iraq standoff over oil fields comes to an end.

• Hess and Shell do cash-less, multi-country swap of assets.

• Nigeria says Shell can’t sell assets without its OK.

• Feds promote use of coal waste on farms.

• Maybe it’s time for the U.N. to take a break from climate change dealings.

• Carbon prices take a dive following Copenhagen meeting.