Chron Energy Newslinks | 12.21.09 | Hopenhagen or Nopenhagen? The first move toward a Gulf currency.

• The Copenhagen agreement: a disappointment or a relief?

• 14 major cities commit to electric vehicles.

• Sweden makes a U-turn on nuclear power.

• Oil exporters Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to create own currency.

• XTO takeover means one less corporate HQ in Fort Worth.

• Eni takes on Heritage share in offshore Uganda fields for $1.35 billion.

• Uganda considers Tanzanian coast oil pipeline.

• An IPO for a U.S. solar manufacturer.

• Iran/Iraq military face-off at Iraqi oil well discussed as a ‘misunderstanding.’

• Shell to develop Iraq’s huge Majnoon field, but Shell is also selling off $5 billion-plus Nigerian fields.
BP will fight $100 million jury verdict on alleged Texas City fumes.

• Don’t want to ride the shale gas train? Buy a put.

• The climate denial industry scores a knock-out punch.