Use CO2 to get more oil out of the ground? EPA wants to know.

Even if the EPA’s efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions are trumped by a law passed by Congress, major emitters of CO2 are still required to start reporting emissions beginning next year.
That’s supposed to mean power plants, refineries and other heavy industries, but now it looks like the Kinder Morgan’s and Denbury Resources of the world will have to report too, The Hill reports:

According to a summary on the federal website that tracks rulemakings, EPA received comment when crafting the reporting rule that it “should include downstream end-users of carbon dioxide (CO2) – in particular, CO2 used for enhanced oil recovery and/or CO2 geologically sequestered.”
“EPA did not include those end-users in the final mandatory reporting rule. Instead, the Agency is initiating this separate rulemaking to specifically address geologic sequestration (GS),” the summary states.
“The rule would outline new requirements for GHG reporting for CO2 injection, including GS sites. In addition to tracking CO2 emissions across CO2 capture and injection, this rule would allow EPA to collect data on efficacy of GS sites for long-term storage of CO2,” it adds.