Chron Energy Newslinks | 12.16.09 | Shell sneaks them to India, Kuwait picks Argus

Shell quietly shipping U.S., Houston jobs overseas.

• CO2 trading system winning out at Copenhagen.

• The Kyoto framework looms large, and divides many, at Copenhagen.

• ‘Great’ logistics leaves many out in the cold at Copenhagen, literally.

• Green building stimulus funds could take months to trickle down.

• Canadian oil sands production misses another prediction.

• Russia sees no gas war with Ukraine this holiday season.

• MIT scientists (who else?) develop bicycling 2.0.

• For want of higher taxes, Mexico’s debt is downgraded.

• Kuwait to use the Argus Sour Crude Index to price U.S. oil shipments, too.

• In survey geoscientists see rising oil prices and budgets.

• LA utility backs away from Salton Sea-area solar plant.