Smart meters off to a bad start in California

California tends to be ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies, but when it comes to smart meters the leading edge is becoming the bleeding edge, notes the NYT:

Some consumers argue that the meters are logging far more kilowatt hours than they believe they are using. And many find it unfair that they will begin to pay immediately for the new meters through higher rates, when the promised savings could be years away.
Elizabeth Keogh, a retired social worker in Bakersfield, Calif., who describes herself as “a bit chintzy,” has created a spreadsheet with 26 years of electric bills for her modest house. She decided that her new meter was running too fast.
Ms. Keogh reported to the utility that the meter recorded 646 kilowatt-hours in July, for which she paid $66.50; last year it was 474 kilowatt-hours, or $43.37.
At a hearing in October organized by her state senator, Ms. Keogh took out two rolls of toilet paper — one new, one half used up — and rolled them down the aisle, showing how one turned faster than the other. “Something is wrong here,” she said.

In the Houston area we started seeing that extra $3.24 back in February, but installation of all the meters is several years away.
Do you have a smart meter installed on your home or business? If so, have you noticed any differences, good or bad?