Here comes Hugo: COP's cast of characters expands

President Barack Obama helped cut the vacancy rates at Copenhagen hotels a few weeks ago when he committed to a late appearance at the climate change summit. Now Hugo Chavez is trying his hand at last-minute magic:
Notes the WSJ:

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez confirmed Monday he will be attending the Copenhagen climate talks, despite indicating a few days ago that the talks could be a “waste of time.”
A statement from the Venezuelan government’s press office said Chavez and Bolivia President Evo Morales [oooh, a double-shot!] would go to the talks together this week, representing the regional trade group Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, or ALBA.
“We’re putting together a document that has already been approved and it will be the voice of ALBA in Copenhagen,” Chavez said during the second of a two-day ALBA summit in Cuba.