Chron Energy Newslinks | 12.14.09 | Long live deals! Solar panels on aisle 7.

• Viva M&A! Exxon buys XTO.

• The Dept. of Energy acts more like venture capitalists.

• Why China’s president is a regular in Kazakhstan.

• ExxonMobil resumes Alaska Point Thomson drilling.

• Speaking of energy documentaries, there’s one about green fuels, too.

• Texas begins to charge electric retailers based on real use, not guesses.

• Texas electric rates still higher than in neighboring states.

• Another reason to fear cap-and-trade: the traders.

• Getting diesel from CO2 and sunlight.

• U.S. rig count hits 9-month high.

• Austin fire engines still sputtering after biodiesel experiment.

• Solar panels show up on hardware store shelves.