The next big gas shale play: Poland?

Bloomberg News reports today that Chevron has won a license from Poland’s Environment Ministry to drill in a 309-square-mile area near Zamosc.
The five-year deal does call for some oil drilling, but the government said Chevron is “primarily interested in shale gas,” according to Bloomberg News.
Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported two Houston companies — ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil — also are betting on Poland, which is seeking to wean itself off of Russia. Poland currently imports nearly three-fourths of its gas, and nearly half its gas comes from Russia alone.
Bloomberg reports:

The third- and fourth-biggest U.S. oil companies obtained exploration licenses this year covering hundreds of thousands of acres in Poland. The country, which imports 72 percent of its gas, could become an exporter of the fuel, said Maciej Wozniak, chief adviser on energy security to Prime Minister Donald Tusk.
“Everything leads to a conclusion that in four or five years, and this is how much time we have to prepare for this, Poland will become a place with quite a lot of gas,” Wozniak said in a telephone interview.