Chron Energy Newslinks | 12.10.09 | Feds won't/can't investigate Houston blasts; manning the next oil boom

• Shortage of staff, cash lead agency to bypass investigating Houston industrial accidents.

• Regulators see urgent needs at Citgo’s Corpus refinery.

• Alaska Gov. asks for review of tax law oil companies say discourages investment.

Clock is ticking on appliance standards enforcement.

• New Alaska gas pipeline coordinator named by Obama.

• What matters to China, to India, to Europe and to the U.S. at Copenhagen.

• But do China’s pledges really mean anything?

• “Cash for Caulkers” could finance up to $12k per home in weather-proofing.

Popular Mechanics weighs-in on Climategate, but some don’t agree (naturally)

A bit of flakiness over the supposed ‘Danish text’ at Copenhagen.

• Nevermind current layoffs, some in oil patch still worried about manning the next boom.