A professor of carbon capture?

Durham University in England has appointed Jon Gluyas it’s first Professor in Geoenergy and Carbon Capture & Storage:

Professor Gluyas will take up his new role within the Department of Earth Sciences after previously holding the position of Head of New Business / Head of Geoscience at Fairfield Energy.
He will be researching aspects of geoenergy (petroleum, geothermal, clean coal) and carbon capture and storage within the newly created Durham Energy Institute. The aim of the new Durham Energy Institute is to find ways to create affordable, reliable, clean energy for heat, power and transport.
The new post is sponsored by Ikon Science and DONG Energy (UK) Ltd (ummm, did anyone consult the real world before coming up with that name?). As part of its sponsorship, Ikon Science will develop and commercialise new technologies for monitoring and modelling the injection and storage of CO2 into the earth.

I think this may be a first as I’m having a hard time finding other professors with that title. Sue Hovorka at the University of Texas’ Bureau of Economic Geology probobly comes pretty close to earning that distinction for her field work on carbon storage. Columbia University’s Klaus Lackner may also come close. I interviewed him when he came through town a few years ago, where he discussed, among other things, his idea for artificial carbon capture trees.